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Junior Baseball Organization,Inc. is a volunteer organization providing one of the most unique frameworks in America allowing our youth to play baseball·the way it was meant to be played. In differing from traditional youth baseball leagues, JBO's rules allow the player to develop their baseball skills by playing with·high school rules, namely leading off and stealing bases. There are other minor modifications to each age-division. JBO allows the player to grow with the field, as each age division plays on a field designed in size that is appropriate for his / her age. Our local sanctioned youth baseball·associations throughout Oregon and southwest Washington hold "skill evaluations" and separate the players into 3 distinct age divisions, and then again·into 3 distinct levels of play according to ability and experience. The player plays on a team in his local association during the regular·season. Regardless of age or skill division, each player has the opportunity to advance at season's end to his / her JBO Championship Tournament with the·same team he or she has played with throughout the season. This eliminates·the practice of selecting all-star teams and leaving the majority of players·out of post-season play. We encourage you to learn more about JBO.


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Enjoy the Off Season!

Enjoy the off season! The board is meeting monthly through the fall and winter and is currently considering rule proposals. Check in with your district commissioner to find out what is being considered.


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