JBO Forms

Listed here are the various forms to use for JBO. Note that these forms are not to be completed by individuals. Only league administrators should use these. All documents are in a fillable MS`Word format.

League / Association Application - For associations to apply for JBO participation

Player / Team Waiver - For team or player waivers

JBO Code of Conduct- The official JBO Code of Conduct

Team Roster - This is a new team roster form for this year. It is an MS Office Excel spreadsheet fillable form. Here are your steps..

1. Download the form and save it to your hard drive.

2. For each team roster, please use the file name structure of "Association_XX_LastName" where XX is you division and level, and LastName is the last name of the coach. For example, an Oregon City Midget American team coached by John Doe would be "OregonCity_MA_Doe".

3. Fill in the form for each team. All rosters will now be submitted electronically. Each District Commisioner will collect their rosters, review them, and then submit them to the JBO board for approval. Contact your District Commisioner for their wish on how they would like you to submit your roster(s) electronically.   

4. ONLY EXCEL FILES WILL BE ACCEPTED!!! No pdf scans, jpeg images, our other formats!

Here is a sample roster for reference on filling in the forms. 




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