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 2014 Rule Proposals

After much discussion, the JBO board has voted to change the current team matrix tables to what was known as proposal "A". This will increase the number of Midget and Junior Federal teams. The Senior matrix remains unchanged. 

Additional proposals on other topics were proposed at the November meeting. Those five proposals are posted below and were voted on at the January JBO meeting.  See the results below.  These are in Adobe pdf format and you will need Adobe Reader to view them.


JBO Team Matrix result 

Approved Proposals

Bat Rule Clarified


The goal of Junior Baseball Organization, Inc. is to provide each child, regardless of skill level, an ability to compete in baseball against other players of similar skill and age. As such, players are divided into separate divisions based on age and skill level. J.B.O. games are played according to the rules of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) with some modifications to tailor the rules to the age and skill level of the players. For example, J.B.O. base lengths and pitching distances are reduced from the High School level to accommodate younger players, but increase progressively with the age of the players. The intent is to provide all ages of players the opportunity to play the complete game of baseball (leading off, stealing, etc.) but to progressively increase playing distances as the age and skill of players increase. Download the current JBO rule book below.

2014 Rule Book .pdf

Every fall, the JBO Board accepts rule change proposals for the coming year. The process allows for District Commissioners to get consensus from their district on how they should vote. The January JBO Board meeting is the when the vote takes place on most proposals. 




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