JBO in 2012 established new guidlines for bats. We followed the national trend in protecting players from being injured by a batted ball hit with a highly reposive bat. Many parents are asking what to look for in the new bats. The bottom line is to look for a bat with either a certification of "BPF 1.15", or "BBCOR". The certifications will vary based on the size of bat you are looking for. Any Bat with a certification of "BESR" will no longer be allowed.

Official Rule:

Beginning January 1, 2013, all baseball bats in JBO, Inc. will be either "BPF 1.15" or "BBCOR" certified. Umpires are required to perform a pre-game inspection of all equipment, especially bats, to ensure proper certification.
Use of an illegal/altered bat shall be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and the player and Head Coach shall be ejected from the game. Both the ejected player & coach may be subject to further disciplinary action by the District and JBO, Inc. Board of Directors






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