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Association Application for Participation ~ This form is used for Associations who wish to participate in JBO, Inc. It must be filled out each year.

Reclassification Form - If you are requesting to have your Association reclassified, you must submit this form for approval.

Certificate of Insurance - Click the link for a sample Certificate of Insurance with an explanation.

Code of Conduct~ All coaches must sign the Code of Conduct and submit it to their District Commissioners, along with their team roster. Failure to follow the Code of Conduct may result in sanctions imposed by your Association, District, and/or JBO, Inc.

Roster  ~ The official JBO roster must be filled out completely and turned in to your District Commissioner. It is accompanied by all approved waivers and all verification paperwork.     Sample Roster

Player/Team Waiver Form  ~ The waiver form is to be filled out when there are special circumstances; such as, Playing outside of association of residence, moving a player between teams, playing below an 11-man roster, medical reason, player being released from an association, player unserviceable by an association. The waiver must be approved and signed before the player or team is considered eligible.

Ejection Report #1  ~ This is used by umpires to report coach/player/spectator ejections from a game. Ejection report #1 can be filled in online and submitted electronically to the JBO president.

Ejection Report #2  ~ This report can be downloaded, printed, and filled in by hand.

State Host Application - Associations who wish to host a JBO State Tournament must fill out this form for consideration