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2020 JBO Rule Book

Due to not having a 2020 JBO season, we will not be adding any new rules to the JBO Rule Book and will therefore utilize the 2020 Rule Book for the 2021 season. We have made an exception to one rule and a clarification to another. They are both listed below.

The exception is to Rule G in section VI. It states "District Commissioners may move a team up a level at any point prior to completing fifty percent (50%) of the team’s league games. However, a District Commissioner may not waive a team down in the Matrix until that team has completed twenty-five (25%) of the team’s league games in Division play. At that time, if it’s the decision of the District Commissioner to move the team down a level, the District Commissioner may do so without JBO Board approval provided the team does not have a winning percentage at or above 25%." We believe there may be some individual teams that should be moved down because of a decrease in numbers due to Covid. The DCs may now move a team down ANY TIME prior to completing 50% of the team's league games. 

Clarification to Rule N in section VIII.  Catchers are required to wear body/chest protector that meets the NOCSAE standard (effective Jan 1, 2021). This will not be postponed; it is a matter of safety for our players.