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Junior Baseball Organization Inc. is an Oregon non-profit corporation that exists to provide young boys and girls an opportunity to participate in an organized baseball experience. It is the goal of Junior Baseball to provide each child, regardless of skill level, an opportunity to compete in baseball against other players of equal skill and grade. We will purposefully aid in each athlete’s development of positive character traits and values that will foster success throughout their lifetime. We will coach skills, mental and physical growth, a respect for the rules of the game, and essential principles of sportsmanship, safety, and fair play.

Junior Baseball is devoted to creating an environment where coaches, parents, fans, umpires, and athletes work together to accomplish our mission.

Understand that as a representative of Junior Baseball Organization, Inc., you must act in accordance with the following:

Code of Conduct

 1.       First and foremost…..Be positive and have fun!

2.        Lead by example before, during, and after each team function. Model good conduct; demonstrate fair play and sportsmanship.

3.        As a coach, you are responsible for yourself, your assistants, your players, parents and spectators and their actions during all team functions.

4.        Provide a safe playing environment for your players.

5.       All Coaches and others involved with JBO teams must report suspicions of child abuse to appropriate law enforcement.

6.       Do not,at any time, use foul or inappropriate language while representing your team, association, district, or JBO, Inc.

7.       Place the emotional and physical well-being of your players ahead of everything else.

8.       Accept the decisions of the officials without exhibiting inappropriate behavior.

9.       Treat all coaches, umpires, opponents, players, and parents with the utmost respect and dignity at all times.

10.     Provide an environment for your team that is free of drugs, alcohol, tobacco and e-cigs; abstain from their use during any team activity.

11.     Respect the game. Be knowledgeable in both the NFHS Baseball Rulebook and the JBO, Inc. Rulebook; abide by them and teach them to your

12.     Be positive and have fun!