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Mandatory JBO Pre-State Tournament Meeting

Time & Location:  7:00pm at The Ballroom at the Backstop, 211 N Grant St, in Canby.

Please click on The Ballroom at theBackstop to view a map of their location in Canby.

July 13:  Minor National, Minor American, Junior National, Junior American, Senior National

July 20: Minor Federal, Junior Federal, Senior American, Senior Federal

See individual team fees listed below

Tournament Team Information

  1. JBO, Inc. will verify rosters and paperwork of ALL teams qualifying for post-season play. Any District who submits a qualifying team with a roster or paperwork that is incomplete or cannot be verified will be fined the following: After being notified by JBO of the incomplete roster, the District will have until 5pm on that Tuesday to submit a completed roster to JBO. If not received, the District will be fined $50 and have until 5pm on Wednesday to submit a completed roster. If it is still not submitted, the team involved will be disqualified from State tournament and a replacement team will be secured.
  2. To help offset tournament costs, each team entering Tournament play, except Federal level teams, will pay a $425 team fee. All Federal level teams will pay $475. These fees will be paid at the Pre-State Tournament meeting. Checks payable to: "Junior Baseball Organization".
  3. Any team entering State Tournament play must complete all of its scheduled games; if it does not, the JBO Board may sanction the team's sponsor, coaches and/or players after review. Each team must have a representative at the Mandatory JBO Pre-State Tournament meetings. The meetings are at The Ballroom at the Backstop, 211 N Grant St, Canby OR.  Meetings are the week of the appropriate JBO State Tournaments.
  4. At the meetings, team rosters will be verified, game scorebooks may be verified, and team fees will be collected. To these meetings, coaches are required to bring their traditional game scorebooks or printed copies of their electronic scorebooks ), rosters, waivers and any other paperwork used to substantiate player eligibility, etc. If these items are not available and there is a question regarding a player, coaches may lose the case.Any player on a team roster must have played in at least fifty percent (50%) of the team's League games in order to participate in the State Tournament. Submit excuses to the appropriate District Commissioner to have approved by the JBO Board at the Pre-State Tournament Meeting. Exception: Illness or injury excused in writing by the player's doctor. Submit to and approved by the appropriate District Commissioner on the appropriate "Player/Team Waiver Form".
  5. All tournaments will be 3 days, 8-team, double-elimination tournaments which will begin on Friday.
  6. Teams must arrive at the Tournament at least one (1) hour prior to game time and contact the Tournament Director.
  7. Line-up cards must be available at least 45 minutes before game time.
  8. The Tournament Director will provide practice fields and pre-game warm-up for each team.

State Tournament Rules

All rules will be as outlined in the JBO rulebook unless otherwise mentioned.

There is no time limit for any JBO State Tournament games.

All JBO State Tournament games must be completed. The only legal game in State Tournament is a completed game.

Junior Baseball Organization, Inc. has adopted a fifteen-run rule for State Tournament. The fifteen-run rule provides that a game will be complete and end after four innings for Seniors (3 ½ if home team is ahead), three innings for Juniors and Minors (2 ½ if home team is ahead), when a team is 15 runs behind and has completed its turn at bat. Games called as a result of this rule DO NOT waive the six-defensive out rule.

There is no ten-run or fifteen-run rule in the JBO State Tournament championship or ‘If” games for Junior Fed, Senior American, and Senior Fed. All other levels will have the ten-run and fifteen-run rule in affect.

In addition to rule IV. F. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: a coach that is ejected from a game during a JBO State Tournament will be banned from coaching during the remainder of the Tournament. The ejected coach must leave the facility for the remainder of the game. The ejected coach may return for any remaining games as a spectator only and will have no direct or indirect contact with the team for the remainder of the tournament while the team is playing. The tournament director and/or JBO board member retains the authority to ban the coach permanently if the circumstances warrant such actions.

Pitch Count Rules are as follows:































a.      The pitch count is based on pitches thrown for strikes, balls, foul balls, and outs. Warm-up pitches, pick off attempts, ‘no pitch’ call by the umpire do not count towards the pitch count.

b.    A pitcher who throws a warm-up pitch must pitch to one batter.

c.     The maximum number of pitches is based on the level of play. Specific rest periods are in place when a pitcher reaches specific thresholds of pitches delivered in a day.

d.    At all divisions of play, a pitcher may pitch in multiple games in the same day provided they are eligible and they do not pitch more than their max per day/tournament.

e.     A pitcher reaching a day(s) of rest threshold in the middle of an at bat must be removed from the mound if wanting to remain at that threshold. There is no “Finish the batter”.

f.     A pitcher reaching the maximum daily pitch count limit, or the maximum tournament pitch count limit, in the middle of an at bat must be removed from the mound. There is no “Finish the Batter”.

g.    There shall be free defensive substitutions at all positions, excluding pitchers. Once a pitcher has been removed from the mound during the course of the game, they may not re-enter for any reason as a pitcher, for the duration of the game.

h.   DAYS OF REST: 1 calendar day equals 1 day of rest.

i.       Pitch count rules for a continuation game: In order to pitch in the continuation game, a player must NOT have been removed as pitcher in the original game AND must currently be eligible. The pitch count is based on days, not games.

j. The State Book is official but it is recommended that teams compare with the State Book as the game progresses for accuracy. The game card is signed by each coach following the conclusion of the game. Pitch counts cannot be protested.

k.   The Pitch Tracker Board will be updated with pitch count informationbefore teams play their next contest. Umpires will not be a part of the process. The coaches are ultimately responsible for knowing all of the rules.

l.       VIOLATION OF THIS RULE: The team in violation forfeits the game in which the violation occurred; the head coach is suspended for one game.

.     All protests must be made immediately, prior to the next pitch, play, attempted play, or any kind of action. The JBO Umpire-in-Chief, JBO Board member in attendance or Tournament Director will rule on any protests immediately; the ruling will be final. Game delays will be for no more than five minutes for a protest.