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NYBUA - Northwest Youth Baseball Umpires Association

NYBUA (Northwest Youth Baseball Umpires Association)

Contacts:  Dave Kuhns  503-848-9081, [email protected]
               Tom Carlisle  503-313-2262, [email protected]

Time is approaching to get umpires trained for the 2019 season. The more umpires we can train from your area will help us get games scheduled and completed on time. Our training and registration area has been expanded this year to encourage interest and make it easier to sign up and get started.

Below is a list of our training schedule - clinic dates and locations. Training requirements will include a training session, a clinic and a test to be completed before games can be worked.

Umpires who want to work for the NYBUA spring, summer and fall baseball - $50 registration.
Umpires who just want the training and certification, this can include coaches and assistant coaches - $35
If you are a registered OSAA high school umpire - $35 for the year.

Please help us out and encourage anyone who is interested to attend - must be 14 years and older.

Tuesday March 12th – Registration/training - Gladstone High School Cafeteria – 7-9 pm
Tuesday March 12th – Registration/training - Papas Pizza Beaverton – 7-9 pm

Wednesday March 13th -  Registration/training – Wilsonville High School Room 103 – 7-9 pm

Thursday March 14th - Registration/training - North Marion Middle School Commons – 7-9 pm

Friday March 15th – Registration/training - Sherwood Senior Center (across from Hopkins Elem) – Large Classroom – 7-9 pm

Saturday March 16th – Clinic 1 man – Wilsonville High School JV Baseball Field - 8:30am – 11:30am

Sunday March 17th – Clinic 2 man – Gladstone High School Varsity Baseball Field – 1 – 5 pm

Tuesday March 19th – Training – Gladstone High School Cafeteria – 7 – 9 pm

Wednesday March 20th - Training – Wilsonville High School Room 103 – 7-9 pm

Thursday March 21st – Training – Papas Pizza Beaverton – 7-9 pm

Wednesday April 3rd - Training – Wilsonville High School Room 103 – 7-9 pm

Sunday April 7th – Clinic – 1 & 2 man – Estacada High School Gym – 1 – 5 pm

Some of the locations are only available for one session. Wilsonville High School will have three sessions, Gladstone and Papa's Pizza, two. 

Anyone interested or if you have questions can contact or email Dave Kuhns- 503-848-9081, [email protected], or come to the first training session.